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KONIG K-SUMMIT K12 Snow Tire Chains

KONIG K-SUMMIT K12 Snow Tire Chains

KONIG K-SUMMIT K12 Snow Tire Chains are a great way to get around in the winter. They are durable and have a great warranty. With these chains, you’ll be able to get around safely and efficiently in the snow.

KONIG K-SUMMIT K12 Snow Tire Chains feature welded bars that provide better performance and grip on ice and snow. They are the best external chain for cars with limited space between internal parts and the wheel. Also, they make zero contact with alloy rims. While they will give you excellent traction in the snow, although they are not intended for off-road use.

These chains have a smart bag and feature foldable arms for easy storage. Other features include an innovative ratchet system which acts as force multiplier, for an effortless fit.

Tread chain with alternation of special injection-molded plastic plates with hard metal studs and special steel chain. Welded bars that provide better grip and performance on ice and snow.

Fits tire sizes: 175/80-13, 185/75-13, 195/70-13, 225/60-13, 235/60-13, 175/70-14, 195/65-14, 205/60-14, 215/60-14, 225/55-14, 175/65-15, 185/60-15, 205/55-15, 225/50-15, 245/45-15, 255/45-15, 285/40-15, 175/55-16, 185/55-16, 195/50-16, 205/50-16, 215/45-16, 225/45-16, 245/40-16, 255/40-16, 195/45-17, 215/40-17, 225/40-17, 245/35-17, 255/35-17, 215/35-18, 255/30-18

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