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KONIG E9 060 Snow Tire Chains

KONIG E9 060 Snow Tire Chains

The KONIG E9 060 Snow Tire Chains are a great choice for those who want a reliable and durable set of chains for their car or truck.

The chains are made from tough and sturdy materials, and they’re designed to provide excellent traction in all kinds of weather conditions. They also come with a limited warranty, so you can be confident that you’re getting a quality product.

KONIG E9 060 Snow Tire Chains are a durable special alloy steel chain (UNI EN 10020) MnNi. These manual tensioning chains offer superior traction with the Diamond tread. They also feature an internal flexible cable. You’ll get perfect chain tension every time with these chains. Last, these chains are eco-friendly as they can be used on both sides for a longer life.

Fits tire sizes: 175/80-13, 185/70-13, 195/65-13, 205/60-13, 165/80-14, 165/75-14, 175/70-14, 185/65-14, 195/60-14, 175/65-15, 185/55-15, 195/50-15, 155-15, 195/45-16, 185/50-16, 175/55-16

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