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Konig CG-9 100 Snow Chains

Konig CG-9 100 Snow Chains

Konig CG-9 100 Snow Chains are designed to give your vehicle the grip it needs to get through even the most challenging winter conditions. With a robust construction and an aggressive tread pattern, these chains provide excellent traction and stability on snow and ice. Konig CG-9 100 Tire Chains are easy to install and remove, so you can get back on the road quickly and safely.

Fits tire sizes:
215/70-14, 195/80-15, 215/70-15, 225/65-15, 235/60-15, 215/60-16 Continental Conti Premium Contact 2/ Michelin Energy Saver +, 225/55-16, 235/50-16, 245/45-16, 215/50-17 Kleber Krisalp, 215/55-17, 225/50-17, 235/45-17, 225/45-18, 235/40-18, 235/35-19

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