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AutoSock 697 Snow Socks for Car, SUV, or Pickup

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Amazon Price: $109.95 $92.61 You save: $17.34 (16%) (as of May 22, 2024 5:53 pm – Details). Please note: Product availability and pricing are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this here product.
  • Brand: AUTOSOCK
  • Producer: AutoSock


  • Supplies Traction During Winter – AutoSock tire socks help you navigate those icy & & snowy streets.
  • Solution to Tire Chains – Choose a light-weight & & simple to store snow chains’ option with AS697!
  • Snow Socks for SUVs & & pickups – Choose snow tire socks that are compatible with your automobile!
  • Quick Installation & & Removal – These snow socks for vehicles can be installed within a couple of minutes!
  • Accepted in All 50 United States – AutoSock 697 is accepted by the USDOT where there are chain regulations.
  • Fits tire dimensions: 205/70R17.5, 205/75R17, 205/80R16, 20575/R17.5, 205R16, 215/65R17, 215/70R17, 215/70R17.5, 215/75R16, 215/75R17, 215/80R15, 215/80R16, 215R15, 220/60R18, 225/45R20, 225/55R19, 225/55R20, 225/60R18, 225/60R20, 225/65R17, 225/65R18, 225/70R16, 225/70R17, 225/75R15, 225/75R16, 225/80R15, 235/45R20, 235/45R21, 235/50R19, 235/55R18, 235/55R19, 235/60R17, 235/60R18, 235/65R16, 235/65R17, 235/70R15, 235/70R16, 235/710R460, 235/75R15, 235/75R16, 245/35R21, 245/45R20, 245/50R19, 245/50R20, 245/55R18, 245/60R17, 245/60R18, 245/65R17, 245/70R15, 245/70R16, 245/75R15, 250/70R15, 255/35R21, 255/40R20, 255/40R21, 255/45R19, 255/45R20, 255/50R18, 255/50R19, 255/55R17, 255/55R18, 255/60R16, 255/60R17, 255/65R15, 255/65R16, 255/70R14, 255/70R15, 265/35R21, 265/35R22, 265/40R20, 265/40R21, 265/45R20, 265/50R19, 265/55R17, 265/55R18, 265/60R16, 275/35R21, 275/40R19, 275/40R20, 275/45R18, 275/45R19, 275/50R18, 275/55R16, 275/55R17, 275/60R15, 275/60R16, 285/35R20, 285/40R19, 285/40R20, 7.00 x15, 8.00 R16.5

Producer Info

  • PartNumber: 697
  • Design: 697

Item Info

  • ReleaseDate: 2016-02-02T00:00:01 Z
  • Size: 205/75R17 225/70R16 235/75R16 255/55R18 285/35

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